General Discipline

medical surgical nursing

All students should wear IDs during working hours.
All the students should be inside the classroom at 9.00 am in the morning and 2.00 pm in the afternoon
The students should get leave permissions from the principal and should intimate the class co-coordinator.
The students will be permitted to take leave through phone from the principal in case of any emergency.
Do not use cell phones inside the college campus.
All the students should utilize library hours daily without fail.
All the students should maintain study hours in the hostel properly.
Smoking inside the college or hostel premises, throwing out waste paper, defacing the walls, and committing nuisance on the grounds are punishable offenses.
No students shall take part in organizing any demonstration or strike.
Students on the rolls of the college are forbidden to take an active part in political agitation directed against the authority of the government.
To maintain the reputation of the college or hostel.